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Caster Wheels

  Part # A B C More Information Investment
Tuff-Tow Poly 6in Wheel 2in Jack TTJC101 6 2 2,000lb - 5,000lb Tuff-Tow Poly 6in Wheel 2in Jack $ Call
Caster replacement wheel 6 inches TTJWK6P 6 2 1,200lb Caster Replacement with bolts $ Call

Jack Foots

A: Hole   B: Capacity   C: Length

  Part # A B C More Information Investment
jack foot with hardware TTJF100   $2,000lb 1.5 Jack Foot and Hardware $ Call
Jack Foot 8-1/8in Ext 2-5K 82660   2,000lb to 5,000lb 8.125 Jack Foot Extension $ Call
Trailer Jack foot Bulldog 2,000lb to 5,000lb JF2000I 2.025 2,000lb to 5,000lb 8.5 Bulldog Jack Foot $ Call
jack foot 7,000lb 18 inces long TJD-7000-FT 1.975 7,000lb 18   $ Call

Stabilizers and Scissor Lifts

  Part # A B More Information Investment
  TTJS18 18" .650LB   $ Call
  TTJS24 24 Long 7,500lb Capacity   $ Call
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